Market-Leading Particle Size Control

Particle size strongly impacts emulsion stability, especially when diluted to 30% solids and below.  Most silicone emulsions on the market today have an average particle size of 250+ nanometers (nm).  SSI E600 (60% solids emulsion of 350 cst silicone fluid) and related emulsions from Southern Silicones have a particle size reliably below 200 nm, as measured by laser diffraction.  Consequently, low solids dilutions of E600 are shelf-stable for very long periods of time.  Use E600 with confidence in tire and vinyl dressings, rubber lubricants, thermoforming release operations, heatset web offset printing conditioners and many other applications.

E600 and related emulsions have a strong blue hue, indicative of very small particle size.


The mean particle size of E600 nm is typically 180-190 nm. For comparison, data from two competitors is given below.
Competitor 1: 340 nm
Competitor 2: 310 nm


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