Elastomer Emulsions

Silicone elastomer emulsions produce thin elastomeric films after water evaporation. These products vary in surface charge, film strength, pH and catalyst type.  These materials are relatively complex mixtures, therefore please consult Southern Silicones for advice during formula development.  Silicone elastomer emulsions can be used to produce surface protectants, fiber (polyester, glass, etc.) sizing agents and water-proofing coatings.


ME40:  50% Solids Elastomer Emulsion of Aminofunctional Silicone

Applications:  textile softeners/sizing, tire dressings

Key Benefits:  provides wrinkle recovery, improves durability of auto tire dressings


ME40-HS:  40% Solids Elastomer Emulsion of Aminofunctional Silicone (Higher Strength)

Applications:  synthetic fiber sizing

Key Benefits:  improves fiber flow and handling properties


E4154:  40% Solids Emulsion of Crosslinked Polydimethylsiloxane

Applications:  textile/canvas coatings, wood coatings, stone coatings

Key Benefits:  high strength and excellent adhesion, water repellency, environmental protection