On the strength of more than 50 years of silicone industry experience, Southern Silicones is continually developing new products for a wide variety of applications.  Put us to work for you!  Examples of recent developments include:


Q70 Silicone Quat Microemulsion

A 70% Solids Microemulsion of a Substantive, Quaternized Silicone Polymer

Try our formulation-friendly, crystal clear Q70 Microemulsion to produce high performance textile softeners and stable, high-performance automobile rinse-wax products.

E5051 Dilution Stable Silicone Gum Emulsion

OH-Terminated Silicone Gum Delivered in a Sub-300 Nanometer Emulsion

Try our versatile E5051 Emulsion in diverse applications:  improves performance in mold release systems, enhances softness and hydrophobicity in leather care products and improves slip and mar resistance in ink formulae and wood coatings.

A410 Shear-Stable Antifoam Emulsion

A 12% Solids Antifoam Formulated to Withstand High Shear and High Temperature Conditions

Try our A410 Antifoam in industrial cleaning operations, evaporation processes, metal working and any process involving high shear exposure.